Sworn Translation & Interpreting

This type of translation, also known as certified, is considered official and must be carried out by translators duly appointed by the relevant institution.

The translations¬†are delivered in hard copy, bearing the translator’s certification, signature and¬†stamp. Some examples:

  • Academic degrees and transcripts
  • Medical certificates
  • Civil Registry documents
  • Police checks
  • Divorce sentences
  • Powers of attorney and other legal documents
  • Other documents necessary to process visas or obtain employment passess

Sworn interpreting services are similarly required for public and official processes, such as the signature and notarisation of public documents (deeds or powers of attorney), when the grantor or signatory is not fluent in the language used.

To date, my sworn translations have been accepted by all official institutions to which they have been submitted, and they can also be authenticated by the Embassy of Spain should it be necessary.